Lead partner & project consortium

Project consortium

The projects is implemented by the leading regional institutions on the both sides of the border.

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ITMO University (Saint Petersburg National
Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics) (RUS) (Lead partner)

Igor Kuprienko - Head of Project Development Division

 +7 911 703 92 40

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Saint Petersburg Technopark (RUS)

Elena Klimshina - Project manager - Business incubator "Ingria"

phone+7 911 010 61 87

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St. Petersburg Foundation for Small
and Medium-sized Enterprise Development (RUS)

 Maxim Balanev - Executive director

phone+7 812 325 84 16

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XAMK - South-East Finland University
of Applied Sciences (FIN)

Jade Hirvonen – Project manager

phone+358 40 167 6918

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Cursor - Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company (FIN) (Lead partner)

Sergey Troshkov - Foreign direct investments, Russia

phone+358 40 190 2561