The second talent attraction event took part at the SPIIF

The second talent attraction and project visibility event named “Internationalization of startups: tools and opportunities of national and international programs” was held on November 14 in the framework of St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. The event was organized with the support of ITMO Highpark and the St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development.

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International projects such as Startup Connect, Twin Campus, Business in Biotechnology and Circural Economy, Cross-border cooperation programs Russia-South-East Finland, SmartUp Accelerator project of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program were presented during the event.

The participants were Jukka-Pekka Bergman, Director of the Russia - South-East Finland Program, V. Chaplinskaya, S. Mittenen, experts of the Russia - South-East Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program, and representatives of the business support infrastructure.

The event was moderated by the Innovation Advisor of the ITMO Highpark JSC - Mikhail Rayak and the Executive Director of the St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development - Maxim Balanev.

Today, integration of international opportunities for implementing key initiatives is a priority. In the reports, the speakers mentioned such subjects as support for start-ups in Russia and other countries, access to global markets, opportunities offered for business representatives by national and international programs, spoke about the support measures that have already been provided and about the most interesting projects.

Igor Kuprienko, head of the project development department at ITMO University, spoke about the Twin Campus project, which will be implemented as part of the 2014–2020 Cross-border Cooperation program Russia – South-East Finland. He counts on helping students with their business projects development. In addition, the university hosts many events targeted for startup support. They will implement the Startup as a Diploma program soon, and students of different faculties will be able to write a common work aimed at creating an innovative organization.

The Cursor Oy Project coordinator Sergey Troshkov introduced the StartUp Connect project. One of the elements of the project was the Ship Startup Festival, which takes place in the city of Kotka. This year, one of the winners was the "Mishka AI", a concept toy with artificial intelligence. Speaking about plans for the future, Sergey Sergeyevich noted that the next year organization of such festivals will be continued.

“Our plans include connecting startups with a pool of students and recruiting events. We already have an understanding on how to create a network of investors from the border region who are interested in new ideas.”

SmartUp Accelerator project expert Tatiana Malevannaia spoke about the SmartUp Accelerator program aimed on organizing accelerators for enterprises. Among the topics of interest are the reduction of resource consumption, energy conservation, environmental protection.

The roundtable participants noted the contribution of the "Ingria" business incubator in development of the startup system. Ingria helps entrepreneurs enter the market and gain support for further growth. In 11 years of the incubato existence, experts have assisted more than 450 projects.

The round table was held as part of the XII St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum at Expoforum Exhibition Center, with the support of TWIN CAMPUS, STARTUP CONNECT projects (projects are financed from the European Union, Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland under the Russia - South-East Finland Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020) and SmartUp Accelerator (the project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Program 2014-2020 with the support of the European Regional Development Fund and the Russian Federation).