Startups - Success / Fail stories was held in online-dialog format

On February 3, 2021, the Ingria Business Incubator organized the “Startups – Success / Fail story” event, an unusual talent attraction event where invited startups share not only their success stories, but also their failure stories.



There is an opinion that in order to succeed, a startup must inevitably and repeatedly fail. To prove this concept, successful entrepreneurs told how they dealt with failure using their project as an example. The invited businessmen told what mistakes they made and what they learned from these failures. The event was conducted in the format of an open dialogue, in which successful entrepreneurs spoke about their projects and shared their experience.

The event was held in English. The following speakers participated in the event:

  • Lyubov Fedorova, CVO Touch — charging stations for electric vehicles, including production, service and operator activities in the Russian Federation and the foreign market.

  • Aleks Farseev is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker and the CEO of, the digital advertising optimization platform driven by AI and big data.

  • Alexey Oprishchenko, CEO CodeCruiser — A low-code cloud service that allows you to independently create systems of any complexity dozens of times faster than manual programming. At the same time, you can access the source code at any time and develop your product without being tied to a service.