HSE Sustainable Pitch Session was conducted with support of TWIN CAMPUS project

In 2015, the UN formulated 17 sustainable development goals. They concern the elimination of poverty, the reduction of inequality, the solution of problems in the field of ecology, education, healthcare, legal and social protection. On September 22, within the framework of HSE FEST needs identification & service piloting pitch session was held with support of TWIN CAMPUS project for startups that chose sustainable development goals as their development vector.



The following projects took part in the event:

  1. Ecological urban bike rental made from recycled plastic bottles

  2. SMOS

  3. BuchaWare

  4. Establishment of production for the processing of foamed polystyrene waste at the place of their collection

  5. Environ

As a result of the HSE Pitch Session, projects received feedback on the prospects of the project and its business model, got the opportunity to find a permanent project mentor, and also got a chance to improve their project presentation skills.